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QuestionAnswer When a person evaluates his or her own level of fitness and health, this is known as which type of skill? Self-assessment “Disparities in health” refers to differences in health across ethnic and income groups Self-management skills... can be useful in altering factors related to making lifestyle changes. Which of the following best describes Wellness? Quality of life and a sense of well-being Which of the following is the best description of HALE (Healthy Life Expectancy)? Number of years of life for which a person has a good quality as opposed to having illness or impaired function Hypokinetic diseases such as obesity and low back are due to: too little activity An individual's ability to interact effectively with others and to establish meaningful relationships is known as _______wellness. social The following factors are considered controllable factors except: Age Which of the following statements is true regarding health behaviors? College students are more likely to eat poorly and abuse alcohol than older adults. What is the most important contributing factor to premature death in our society? Lifestyle Which of the following statements is TRUE? Health-related fitness is more important than skill-related fitness. Taking small steps to build success is an example of which self-management skill? Building self-confidence When an individual, in meeting health goals, takes small steps that allow success, he or she is employing what self-management skill? Building self--confidence and motivation Goal setting and self-assessment are examples of which behavior change factor? Enabling What is the primary purpose of self-assessments of lifestyles? To identify areas in which you may need to make improvements Which of the following is a health-related aspect of fitness? Strength What is another name for skill-related fitness? Motor fitness Hypokinetic means: too little exercise What is the primary difference between health-related and skill-related fitness? Health-related fitness is directly related to reduced risk of hypokinetic disease. Which of the following are characteristic of SMART goals? specific, measurable, attainable The ultimate goal for any health behavior is to reach the stage of: maintenance The three priority healthy lifestyles are regular physical activity, sound nutrition, and: stress management Which of the following is currently the #1 cause of death? Heart disease An individual’s ability to cope with daily events and deal with personal feelings in a positive, optimistic, and constructive way is known as __________ wellness. emotional Which of the following is true of exercise in the heat? Evaporation of sweat is our primary mode of heat loss. Which of the following is true of hypertension? Regular exercise helps reduce blood pressure for those with hypertension Running up a hill to strengthen the leg muscles for participation in a cross-country race is an application of which fitness principle? specificity Auxiliary blood vessels that take over normal coronary blood circulation when blood flow is diminished are called: collateral circulation Which of the following is defined as the inability of the heart muscle to pump blood at a life-sustaining rate? congestive heart failure Atherosclerosis contributes to which of the following diseases? stroke Sheri is 35 years old, is sedentary and has high cholesterol but no symptoms. Which of the following is true regarding her risk during exercise? She is in moderate risk category and is safe for moderate physical activity only. Which of the following is considered a hypokinetic disease? heart disease Marjorie designed her running program to gradually increase her mileage each week. Which principle of physical activity does this represent? progression What does the FIT formula stand for? Guidelines for how often, how hard, and how long one should exercise What is the recommended amount of physical activity for children?: 60 minutes per day Which of the following is true regarding physical activity and diabetes? Physical activity reduces diabetes risk by improving sensitivity to insulin. Delayed onset muscle soreness is due to: microscopic muscle tears Hypokinetic diseases refer to those that are caused by: inactivity Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding obesity and premature death? A person who is both fat and fit is at lower risk than someone who is thin but unfit What is the most common reason people give for not exercising? They don't have the time. After participating in an exercise program, individuals should expect their heart rate to_______________, reflecting a positive training adaptation decrease When a person has hot, flushed, dry skin with a fast pulse, this could be a sign of: heat stroke Jake wanted to improve his rock-climbing abilities so he decided to strengthen his forearms with wrist curls. Which principle of physical activity does this represent? specificity What is meant by “compression of morbidity”? Shortening the total number of years that illnesses or disabilities occur What does the “F” in the acronym FIT stand for? Frequency Which two components of fitness should be emphasized in a warm-up? Aerobic activity and stretching What is the primary purpose of a cardiovascular cool down? Minimize blood pooling and speed recovery When target levels of fitness have been achieved, the next goal should be: a maintenance program Which principle supports the need to do more than normal for benefits to occur? Overload Which of the following is NOT true about physical activity? It increases insulin resistance Joe is 47 years old, inactive and has high blood pressure. What advice would you give him about beginning vigorous exercise? Get professional screening before beginning a vigorous exercise program. Which of the following statements best describes the level of the pyramid called Active Aerobic Activities? This type of activity can control body fatness and build cardiovascular fitness. Which of the following is true regarding physical activity and cancer? Physical activity has been shown to reduce risks of some cancers Adults are less likely to meet the guidelines for which of the following activities? flexibility Which of the following should occur as a result of a general warm-up? Increased body temperature Which segment of the population tends to have the lowest prevalence of heart disease? Caucasian females Which list includes only primary risk factors for heart disease? Physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and smoking Which of the following is true regarding activity and osteoporosis? Activity helps in maintaining bone density and decreasing risk for osteoporosis Which of the following is most related to good metabolic fitness? normal blood pressure The most accurate measure of cardiovascular fitness is a: maximal oxygen uptake test One MET is referred as: energy expended at rest What is one reason lifestyle activities are placed at the bottom of the physical activity pyramid? Most people can easily perform them Which is true of the heart? A healthy heart pumps more blood with each beat. Mary wants to improve her fitness enough to run a 10K race. What is probably the best exercise program for her to maintain her fitness? Run 4 to 5 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. What factors contribute to the energy cost of a given activity? intensity of actvity What is the primary benefit of wearing a heart rate monitor? Immediate feedback of exercise heart rate Which of the following would be least likely to improve cardiovascular fitness? Walking for 15 minutes, 2 days per week _____is the best example of lifestyle physical activity. Raking leaves A daily step count of 10,000 is : too rigorous a standard for sedentary people. Brisk walking would most likely be at what MET level? 4 The bicycle and step tests are less influenced by motivation because: one must exercise at a specified workload and at a regular pace __________________ means “in the presence of oxygen”. Aerobic Which of the following is true regarding the cardiovascular system? fit people will have a lower resting heart rate Which of the following is a good guideline for measuring heart rate during exercise? Keep moving while locating the pulse, then stop and count the pulse Good coronary circulation nourishes the heart and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Cardiovascular fitness is considered the most important aspect of physical fitness because: it reduces risks for chronic disease Which of the following is NOT a benefit of lifestyle physical activity? It promotes higher levels of fitness than aerobic sports. Which of the following BEST summarizes the relationship between cardiovascular fitness and cardiovascular risk As cardiovascular fitness increases, risk decreases Activity that is slow and sustained for relatively long periods without resting is known as activity. continuous aerobic Which of the following is true regarding muscular fitness? Relative strength of women is similar to that of men Which point was emphasized in the most recent physical activity guidelines (both the ACSM/AHA Guidelines and the DHHS Guidelines)? greater amounts of physical activity can provide additional benefits. The recommended training method for muscle fitness is referred to as: progressive resistance exercise Vigorous recreational activities are recreational activities that: are of similar intensity as vigorous aerobics. A measure of the maximum amount of force that a muscle can exert one time is called: strength Which of the following is true? Moderate physical activity is not intense enough for health benefits in fit individuals. Lack of fitness in which muscle group is typically related to poor posture and potential back problems? Abdominals ___________ activity is defined as rhythmical, using large muscles and performed in a continuous manner Aerobic The capacity of a muscle to continue contracting over a long period of time is called: muscular endurance If your exercise goal is to gain strength, you should use which of the following? high resistance/low repetitions Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the maintenance of strength? Once strength is developed, fewer days per week are necessary for maintenance. The primary reason good muscular fitness is associated with wellness and quality of life because: a person with good muscular fitness is able to perform for long periods of time without undue fatigue. Why are various forms of water exercise useful for cardiovascular fitness programs? Water provides an effective source of resistance for aerobic training. What are the five Health Related Fitness Areas? Cardiovascular fitness, Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, Flexibility, Body Composition. What are the FIT principles for Cardiovascular Fitness? F= 3-5 days, I=105-175 Bpm, T= 20-50 min per day What are the FIT principles for Muscle Strength? F=2-3 days, I= 60-80% 1Rm, T= 1-3 sets, 3-8 reps What are the FIT Principles for Muscle Endurance? F= 3 days, I= 20-50% 1 Rm, T= 2-5 sets, 9-25 reps


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